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Yoga with Semra


My love of yoga has roots in my health. I went to my first class because someone said it would be good for my pelvic floor after giving birth. It was but it was not until years later when I walked into my first Iyengar Yoga class that I found myself home.    I realised how my posture was affected by the tension I had in my neck, shoulders and upper back from sitting at a desk; yoga increased my body awareness and helped me to unwrinkle myself.


I love working towards making yoga accessible to all regardless of age, experience or physical difficulties.  Contact me if you want to experience the class.

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Semra O'Reilly

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

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Yoga calms the mind and improves flexibility while building stamina. Regular practice increases general wellbeing. There are numerous documented health benefits of yoga. The New York Times reported “Stress is ever present. Fortunately, we’ve got yoga, which is proven to help reduce stress and the health effects it causes [....] One way yoga reduces stress is through regulating the nervous system — specifically the autonomic nervous system and its response to stress.” ( 

I am an Iyengar qualified teacher. Iyengar yoga is  known for its focus on the postural alignment and body awareness.  It uses a step-by-step approach to introduce new students to the postures. Props such as blocks, belts, chairs and blankets are used to enable people of all ages and abilities to practise safely. 


Studies have shown Iyengar yoga can have a positive effect on general health and wellbeing, increasing strength and flexibility. It can also help stress, depression and anxiety, healthy ageing, asthma, back pain, Long Covid, arthritis and much more.


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Born in India in 1918, Mr Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar Yoga, was a sickly child who suffered from tuberculosis, typhus and malaria as a child. Later on in life, he said: “So frail was I, in fact, that I was not expected to survive." He started practising yoga to improve his health. He could not have chosen better. Not only did his health improve but he helped many people to live a healthier life. He practised and taught yoga until he died at the age of 95.


My classes are for everyone: both those who are new to yoga and also for the experienced practitioners. We work to increase and maintain flexibility, stamina, confidence and balance. You will practise a range of poses that increase mobility and strength of the shoulders, spine, backs, hips and knees.




Equipment: For online classes you will need a mat, a couple of blankets, a belt and two bricks.  There are many affordable belt and brick packages online

We sometimes use a wall and a chair (a folding yoga chair is ideal but any chair with a back will do). It would help to have a chair nearby and access to wall space.

For in-person classes, the Hall has some props but please bring your mat and any bricks/blocks you may have. 

Clothing: Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and we practice in bare feet.


In-person classes

Tuesday 10 am - Mixed ability; open level @ Corfe Village Hall, 7 East St, Corfe Castle, BH20 5EE

Tuesday 6.30 pm - Mixed ability; general level @Studland Village Hall, Heath Green Rd, Studland, BH19 3BT

Wednesday 10 am - Mixed ability; open level @Langton Matravers Village Hall, 59 High St, Langton Matravers, Swanage BH19 3HA

Online classes

Thursday 8.30 - 10.30 Private Group

Mixed ability open-level classes are suitable for beginners and improvers. 

Mixed-ability general-level classes are for students who’ve attended Iyengar yoga classes regularly for at least two years. 


Private classes up to 4 students - £15 pp

In-person classes: 90-minute Tuesday evening class £10.50 drop-in or £52.50 for 6 classes 

60-minute Tuesday & Wednesday morning class £8 drop-in

Concession rate is available

Find out more by emailing

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"Semra's yoga class is a highlight of my week. I feel fitter, stronger, and energised."  

* Rebecca Rendle

“I have tried practising yoga before but didn’t enjoy it much.
Semra made me love yoga. Practising yoga in her classes became is such an important part of my week. She is clearly a very gifted teacher, explains every yoga position with clarity, pays attention to every participant and makes sure that everyone in the class is doing it correctly.
She is a very knowledgeable, passionate and a very inspiring teacher.”

* A. Hanley

"I have been practising Iyengar Yoga for 13 years – though you wouldn’t guess so! I am SO grateful to have Semra as our Teacher. She has a very special blend of calm and quiet mischief, prepares each session with utmost care and professionalism , and has a genuine concern for the individual needs and circumstances of each of her Students. Semra explains and demonstrates each pose and purpose very clearly – and has gentle patience with us when we don’t quite make it!

I look forward to each session, and each session is different.

Yoga with Semra has become a highlight of the week, and I would recommend it, and her, to anyone."

* Annie Fellows

"I recommend Semra highly. I have tried Yoga several times over the years and always felt either at sea or sustained an injury. Semra explains everything properly so it is much easier to follow the moves. I am in my 60s and not fit and she makes allowances for that, previously I have felt unable to keep up.

She has a calm aura about her which adds to the enjoyment. I look forward to her sessions rather than having a secret dread!"

* Tessa

"Semra is a great teacher. She clearly demonstrates the postures and is very attentive, watching carefully how everyone is progressing. She is encouraging and instills confidence. What's more, she is fun!'

* Laura McGillivray  

“Over the years I have been to many Iyengar yoga classes. Semra’s class stands out from the others. Because Semra pays attention to everyone’s particular needs and she runs the class accordingly. She is a really lovely teacher. I can not recommend her enough!”

* Yildiz Engin

“I had no experience of yoga before I started Semra’s class… I was worried that I wouldn't be able to follow the instructions. Far from it!  Her well paced clear instructions built up my confidence in just a few sessions. Each week I found myself looking forward to new poses. Such a wonderful moment of peace to look forward to the weekend. Thank you Semra.”

* Deniz Engin-Sugden

"Semra is a great yoga teacher with a warm and encouraging style of communication. The sessions are well planned with warm up stretches leading to more challenging postures but with careful attention to the level of the group and any incapacities. Despite the limitations of working on line, Semra identifies where adjustments to postures need to be made, either for an individual or demonstrating common mistakes such as bending when you should be straight or vice versa. It all amounts to very enjoyable yoga."

Marguerite Paffard

"I really enjoy Semra’s classes, after each class I feel calmer and my body always feels more energised and flexible. It’s always a great start to my weekend. 


Her attention to detail is second to none, and at times I feel like I am having a private class. She is so enthusiastic and passionate that this clearly shines through her classes."

* Carmen Adamou

"Semra prepares her content meticulously aiming at strengthening different parts of our body. Her instructions are clear, enabling safe and enjoyable yoga practice even for online classes. She pays attention to each participant and directs us well to get the postures right. This works well as safe practice is a priority for me. Semra has this magic touch to get you the best posture!
Above all, Semra is an inspirational yoga teacher demonstrating expertise, energy and confidence, making me stronger after each session and making me look forward to the next one."

S Blake

I love Semra's lessons. I am new to yoga, and she takes such care to make sure we do things slowly, carefully and properly. She always takes on board any of our pains and plans her lessons with these in mind. Her lessons challenge and stretch us as well as being wonderfully relaxing. She has such a relaxing voice!

* Diana


Semra is the most brilliant Yoga teacher, carefully tailoring her classes to ensure safe progress. I really look forward to my hour of Yoga and always feel so much better after every session.
I couldn't recommend Semra's Yoga classes more highly. 

* Zoe Latham 

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